TTG Rust Server 4.0 News/Roadmap

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Welcome Trap Gamer’s, We hope you all are staying safe during the COVID-19 Outbreak. Here are some tips to help you stay safe during the Outbreak. Make sure to wash your hands more often than usual, Wear a mask, or face covering in public, keep your distance from others at least 5-6 feet apart, Cleanliness, hygiene and staying inside during the Outbreak is so important. now more that ever, along with The TTG Rust Server was wiped today and with that wipe came some minor additions, changes, and fixes. Along with the usually plugins being updated. We wanted to give everyone a glimpse into the future, and see what we are working on implementing into the Rust Server.

Future Road-map/Planned Changes:

NPC Bases:

As most of you already knew, we originally spent 25$ on a plugin called NPC Bases. We originally got the plugin so players could raid bases without destroying the player base. The plugin was supposed to take pre-made copied bases and randomly spawn them automatically in the world. After many headaches, weeks of tinkering, many more unsuccessful attempts, and no response from any emails, we began to lose hope with getting NPC Bases working correctly.
Just recently a free plugin was released on umod called “Raidable Bases“. After some testing with the plugin we have formally decided to remove and replace “NPC Bases” with “Raidable Bases“.

New Plugins:

We have 2 Newly added plugins on the server, and they are the Paratroopers Plugin, and Raidable Bases.
The Paratroopers Plugin is an event that will Randomly Drop a group of Customizable NPC’s to any Location.
The Raidable Bases Plugin will create fully automated raidable bases with NPCs and huge variety of customization available.

Economy Changes:

  • Money will need to be stored into a Bank for Safe Storage.
  • Death will cause you to drop any Money you have on you.
  • Money in the Bank is Safe and Cannot be Robbed.
  • There now will be Banker NPC’s at Outpost and other Monuments.
  • RP will not drop on death. RP will still be given to you for participating on the server(Voting, Quests, Playtime, etc…)

NPC Overhaul:

We will adding NPC’s for:

  • Banking
  • Quests
  • Shops
  • Black Market
  • Events

As we start adding these new NPC’s to the Server they will be given different purposes. Some NPC’s will be Merchants, Bankers, or Shop Keepers, and others with be Quest Givers, Special Enemies, or Traders. We are also looking for ways to implement NPC’s in Events. For an example, We are looking into having certain NPC’s like a Black Market Trader, that has Special or Rare Weapons for sale, would only spawn randomly on the map for a certain amount of time before going away. Shop Keeper NPC’s will have different types of goods depending on what type of Merchant they are. A Tailor sells Clothing, a Blacksmith sells Armor, Tools, Black Market Trader sells Weapons and other goods, and a Butcher sells Meat, etc…


We will be reworking Quests to include more variety and more options. There will be one time use Quests and repeatable Quests. There will be Delivery Quests added. To complete a Delivery Quest you will have to bring items to a location or another NPC. There will be more of all Quests alike. Some Quests will be farmable for Money, or RP. Others will give you items for Completing.

We have a lot of other things in store for this server, Thanks for everyone’s help and support along the way. Patch notes, News, and any Server details or changes will get posted on our website or forums. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Staff Applications

We are looking for players to join our Staff team. Some of the Positions that we are trying to fill: (Underlined Positions are the positions that we are looking for first priority.)

  • Recruiter – In charge of getting New Players on our Community, and connected to our Discord.
  • Rust Admin – In charge of day to day operations with the Rust Server, Resolving Situations, Helping Players, Rule Enforcement.
  • Rust Moderator – In charge of helping new players, Keeping the Peace, Resolving Situations, Rule Enforcement.
  • Discord Admin – In charge of Discord Community, Posting News, Server Updates, Changes, and daily Operations.
  • Discord Moderator – In charge of helping players connect to our Servers, Posting News, Server Updates, and Changes.
  • Forum Admin – In charge of creating posts, and rules for other members to follow. Rule Enforcement, and Forum Maintenance.
  • Forum Moderator – In charge of enforcing Forum Rules, and helping other players where needed.

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