3.6 Rust Server Update Patch Notes

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3.6 Rust Server Patch Notes

New Plugins:

  • Raidable Bases v1.3.4
  • Paratroopers v2.2.4
  • Christmas Tree Presents v1.0.1
  • Crafting Controller v2.5.6
  • Mini-copter Options v2.0.2
  • Personal Heli v1.1.7

Removed Plugins:

  • InstaCraft v2.1.4
  • NPCBases (Replaced with RaidableBases)
  • BGrade v1.0.49- Enhanced Hammer Updated to have the Same features.

Updated Plugins:

  • Arkan v1.0.18
  • Admin Radar v5.0.8
  • Admin Hammer v1.11.0
  • Advance Gather v1.0.7
  • Auto Lock v2.3.0
  • Automated Events v0.3.16
  • Automatic Authorization v1.1.12
  • Backpacks v3.1.0
  • BackPumpJack v1.4.3
  • BaseRepair v1.0.15
  • Better Loot v3.0.1
  • Christmas v2.0.1
  • Clans v0.1.54
  • Clan Team v1.0.5
  • CopyPaste v4.1.19
  • Discord Core v0.15.4
  • Discord Core Roles v1.1.0
  • Enhanced Hammer v2.0.4
  • Fancy Drop v2.8.8
  • Gather Manager v2.2.73
  • Human NPC v0.3.30
  • Inbound v0.5.0
  • NTeleportation v1.3.2
  • PlayerAdministration v1.5.26
  • PlayerChallenges v2.0.47
  • Poundbot v2.0.1
  • Quests v2.3.2
  • Remover Tool v4.3.14
  • SAM Site Authorization v2.3.3
  • Server Info v0.5.4
  • Sign Artist v1.1.9
  • Skins v2.1.0
  • Vanish v1.3.0
  • Vehicle Licence v1.5.1
  • Zone Manager v3.0.13
  • ZLevels Remastered v2.9.9

Changes and Fixes:

Back PumpJack

  • Config Reset on update.
  • Reentered Information from last config.
  • VIP has better chances, and amounts.


  • Fixed Config Resetting.

Better Loot

  • Patrol Helicopter Loot Tables
    • Removed Basic Components
    • Added Explosive Ammo (50-100)

Enhanced Hammer

  • Default commands areehhammerupgrade and upgrade.
  • You can specify a grade with: 0 for Twigs, . 1 – Wood2 – Stone3 – Metal4 – TopTier (aka HQM).
  • You can change your preferences with: t (Time in seconds) for Timeout, ag (True/False) to toggle Auto Grade.
    • Auto Grade – Allow grading immediately once you build something.

Gather Manager

  • Increased Completion time from 2 Minutes to 5 Minutes.
  • Increased Excavator to 5x
  • Quarry Rate set to 3x

Mini-Copter Options

  • Enabled AutoTurret on Mini-copter.
  • Enabled Night time Tail Light.
  • Enabled Added Searchlight to Mini.
    • The pilot can turn the search light on and off with USE key
  • Increased Mini- Copter’s Turret Range from 30m – 40m.


  • Removed Rockets from Crafting Blacklist. You can Now Craft Regular Rockets again. (Other Rockets are still Blacklisted).


  • Disabled Paratroopers Death, Despawning, and Suicide messages.
  • Decreased Chance to Recover from being wounded from 100% to 75%.
  • Increased Min and Max amount of Items to Spawn(New Loot Table Coming in 4.0).
  • Loot box’s or Hackable Crate’s will now drop with Paratroopers.

Research Block

  • You can Research Normal Rockets. Other Rockets are still Restricted.

Server Rewards

  • Fixed Config wiping after reset.

ZLevels Remastered

  • Unlocked Crafting Levels.
    • Added 20 Crafting Levels Max
    • Instant Crafting at Max Level

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