Rust Server Patch Notes v3.8.5

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Patch Notes for v3.8.5

Updated Plugins

  • Airstrike v0.3.6
  • Automated Events v0.3.24
  • Better Chat v5.2.6
  • Discord Call Admin v0.2.0
  • Fancy Drop v2.9.2
  • Furnace Splitter v2.2.4
  • Global Gamble v1.2.2
  • GUI Announcements v2.0.3
  • HumanNPC v0.3.38
  • Loot Bouncer v1.0.5
  • Mini-Copter Options v2.0.31
  • NTeleportation v1.3.7
  • Paratroopers v2.3.1
  • Player Challenges v2.0.47
  • Raidable Bases v1.4.11
  • Rust Rewards v2.2.63

Added Plugins

Personal Heli – Calls Attack Helicopter for player and his friends/team and attacks only them, loot can be taken only by them

Removed Plugins

  • Discord Connect
  • Discord Connect Commands

New Features and Plugin Changes

  • Automated Events
    • Enabled Easter Event Every 1-3 Hours.
    • Enabled Halloween Event Every
  • Discord Auth
    • Should Give Players Discord role after typing /auth and authenticating
  • Paratroopers
    • Created Custom Loot Tables for Paratroopers and the Lootbox.
  • Raidable Bases
    • External Wall Changes:
      • Disabled External Walls on Easy Bases.
      • Medium Bases now have Wooden Walls.
      • Hard should have less Stone Walls.
    • Ammo Changes:
      • Disabled Infinite Ammo for Traps.
      • Traps will now spawn with a Set Ammo Amount.
      • Ammo Amount for each Trap:
        • Auto Turret256
        • Flame Turret256
        • Fog Machine5
        • Shotgun Trap128
        • Sam Site24
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