[4.2.2] Rust Server Update

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Rust Server Update 4.2.2

Patch notes for Rust Server Update 4.2.2

New Plugins

  • Better Chat Mute Voice v1.0.4Adds voice mute to better chat muted players
  • ClearRepair v1.2.0Display’s insufficient resources required to repair an item, building or vehicle.
  • Food Grilling v1.0.1Adds Physical food on the Barbecue.
  • Item Skin Randomizer v1.5.3Randomizes item skins on item creation/in hands/in house.
  • Popup Notifications v0.2.0Popup notifications that can be created by admin and other plugins.
  • Skull Crusher v1.0.9Adds some extra features to the crushing of human skulls
  • Survey Info v1.0.2Displays results from Survey Charges.

New Plugin Features and Changes

Automated Events

  • Increased Bradley’s Minimum and Maximum Respawning Time.
    • Min. 1 Hour – Max. 2 Hour


  • Fixed Bug: Bank Deleting Items.
  • Added Max Limits for Certain Items.
  • Added Stack Size Limits for the Following Items:
    • Rockets – 1 Stack Limit. (30 Rockets)
    • C4 – 1 Stack Limit. (30 Rockets)
    • Sulfur – Half Stack Limit. (5000 Sulfur)
    • Sulfur Ore – Half Stack Limit. (5000 Sulfur Ore)
    • Gunpowder – Half Stack Limit. (2500 Gunpowder)
    • High Quality Metal – Half Stack Limit. (5000 HQM)
    • High Quality Metal Ore – Half Stack Limit. (5000 HQM Ore)

Car Lifts

  • Re-enabled Car Lifts at the Supermarket.
  • Enabled Car Lifts at the Outpost.

Craft Chassis

  • Updated Car Chassis Crafting Recipe.
    • New Recipe:
      • 2 Socket1000 Metal Fragments.
      • 3 Socket150 High Quality Metal.
      • 4 Socket350 High Quality Metal.

Fancy Drop

  • Slightly Increased Delay Between Planes in Mass Drop.
  • Slightly Decreased Plane Speed.
  • Enabled Shooting Down Supply Drops. (Requires 5 Hits on Crate)
  • Decreased Blinking Frequency on Supply Drop Lisght.
  • Decreased Pause Inbetween Blinking.
  • Increased Height for Mass Drops.
  • Decreased Distance in between Crate Drops for Supply Signals from 80m to 65m
  • Decreased Maximum Distance to get notified about a landed Drop from 1000m to 300m
  • Decreased Maximum Distance to get notified about looted Drop from 1000m to 100m. Disabled.

Loading Messages

  • Fixed Messages that were too long.
  • Updated and Added New Messages.
  • Removed Old Messages


  • Increased Range Paratroopers will wander after Landing.
    • Distance was Increased to 50m.
  • Disabled the Purple Landing Smoke Trail for Paratroopers.
  • Increased Paratroopers Damage Scale.
  • Renabled Paratroopers Crate Despawning.
    • Crate Despawn Time: 3 Hours

Raidable Bases

  • Increased SAM Site Repair Time from 5 to 30 Minutes.

Spawn Modular Car

  • Enabled Modular Car Spawning for Discord Tier and upb.
  • Car Spawning for Each Tier
    • Discord Tier2 Socket Cars.
    • Bronze Tier2 Socket Cars.
    • Silver Tier2-3 Socket Cars.
    • Gold Tier2-3 Socket Cars.
    • Diamond Tier2-4 Socket Cars.
    • Platinum Tier2-4 Socket Cars.
  • Quality of Engine Components for Each Tier
    • Discord TierLow Quality Engine Components.
    • Bronze TierMed Quality Engine Components.
    • Silver TierMed Quality Engine Components.
    • Gold Tier High Quality Engine Components.
    • Diamond TierHigh Quality Engine Components.
    • Platinum TierHigh Quality Engine Components.

Stack Size Controller

  • Increased Max Stack Sizes for the Following Items:
    • Timed C4 from 20 to 30.
    • Rockets from 20 to 30.
    • Incendiary Rocket‘s from 20 to 30.
    • High Velocity Rocket’s from 20 to 30.
    • Smoke Rocket’s from 20 to 30.

Vehicle License

  • New Feature: Fuel and Inventory’s will be Dropped on Vehicle Destruction/Death.
  • Reset Currency back to Economics Money.
  • Disabled Decay on Purchased Vehicles.
  • Disabled Despawning on Purchased Vehicles.
  • Maximum /Recall Distance was Set to 250 Meters.
  • Removed Map Markers for Purchased CH47’s.
  • Increased Price for CH47 to $75000

Updated Plugins

  • Auto Plant v1.1.0
  • BGrade v1.1.02
  • Crafting Controller v3.1.6
  • Car Lifts v1.2.0
  • Discord Core v0.16.5
  • Discord Core Roles v1.2.3
  • Discord Call Admin v0.3.0
  • Discord Status v2.0.51
  • Gather Manager v2.2.75
  • Human NPC v0.3.46
  • Inbound v0.5.1
  • NTeleportation v1.4.1
  • Paratroopers v2.4.1
  • Present Loot v1.0.8
  • Remover Tool v4.3.18
  • Rust Rewards v2.2.70
  • Rust Map API v1.2.1
  • Security Lights v1.1.6
  • Sign Artist v1.2.5
  • Spawn Modular Car v4.0.1
  • Survey Info v1.0.2
  • Vehicle Licence v1.7.3
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