[4.5] Rust Server Update

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The Trap Gaming Rust Server

Update Version 4.5

Patch Notes

This update brings a Large Variety of new Changes, Fixes, Features, Plugins and Updates. Several Plugins have gone through an Overhaul, with some being completely redone. Some Plugins have been Removed or Replaced for Other Alternative Plugins. Included in this Update was a Variety of New Plugins. Some of those New Plugins are: Modular Car Turrets, Skills, Blood Bags, Lockable Shutters, Buoyant Supply Drops, Wounded Screams, BotSpawn, and Bradley Guards.

New Features

Some new Features Include:

  • Players can Now Lock Window Shutters
  • Analyzing Craters will give Crater Note‘s Again.
  • Classic Wounded Screams are Back.
  • Supply Drops will now Float on Water.
  • Any Players that have the Discord Role can now Start a Vote for Helicopter(s).
Open Helicopter Vote Command
/helivote open xx
  • Blood Bags are now a Working Health Item. Blood Bags will Instantly Restore Health but wont stop bleeding. Blood Bags Can now be Crafted by Any Player by typing the command below.
Craft Blood Bag Command
/craftbag craft
  • Players can now Track how many Skulls they have Crushed, and will broadcast a message. (X Crushed X’s Skull)
Show Crushed Skulls Command

Skills Plugin

Introducing a New Skills Progression Plugin. Skills Adds 11 Different Skills, with fully Customizable Rates and Levels, with a Beautiful Interface. Economy Currency is used to Buy Levels for Skills. Skills is Replacing ZLevel’s Remastered.

Open Skills Interface

Modular Car Turrets

Modular Car Turrets is a Plugin that was added that allows players to install Auto Turrets on Modular Cars. Easy to install and Remove. Any Player’s that have the Discord Role can put 1 Auto Turret onto their Vehicles. Donator’s can put up to 4 Auto Turrets on their Car depending on their Donator Tier

Amount of Auto Turrets Per Role
  • Default Players – 0 Auto Turret(s)
  • Discord – 1 Auto Turret(s)
  • Bronze – 2 Auto Turret(s)
  • Silver – 3 Auto Turret(s)
  • Gold – 3 Auto Turret(s)
  • Diamond – 4 Auto Turret(s)
  • Platinum – 4 Auto Turret(s)
  • Anti-Matter – 4 Auto Turret(s)

How to Install a Turret onto a Modular Car

  1. Park Selected Car with Modules onto a Car Lift.
  2. Open Car Lift UI
  3. Drag Auto Turret from Inventory, onto Selected Car Module on Car Lift.

How To Remove Turret from Modular Car.

  1. Park Selected Car with Modules onto a Car Lift.
  2. Remove Weapon from Auto Turret.
  3. Remove Module from Chassis. (Turret will Return Into Inventory)

Magic Panel UI

Also Included in the update was Phasing out the Old UI and Implementing a Newer Modular UI Panel. The New UI will show when all the different types of events are active, from Cargo Ship, to Airstrikes, to Meteors, and much more. The Panel is Modular and can be moved to different areas of the Screen. Some other Modular Panels Include: Message Panel, Economy and Server Rewards Balances, Amount of Players and Sleepers, Hostile Time, Direction, and more.

Kit Changes

All Kits are in the process of being redone. Discord, and All Donator Kits will have these Kits: 1 Build Kit, 1 Resource Kit, 3 Loadouts Kits. Each Kit for each Tier will be Customized for that Tier. All Donator Kits will stay Unlimited but certain Cooldowns. Not Every Kit is currently Finished, and Implemented yet. Unfinished Kits are Planned within the Next

  • Build Kit
    • Consists of Building Materials, Deployables, and Construction
    • Unlocked 12 Hours After Wipe.
    • Unlimited Uses
      • 72 Hour Cooldowns
  • Resource Kit
    • Unlocked 12 Hours After Wipe.
    • Unlimited Uses
      • 8 Hour Cooldowns
  • Loadout Kit 1
  • Unlocked 6 Hours After Wipe.
    • Unlimited Uses
      • 6 Hour Cooldowns
  • Loadout Kit 2
  • Unlocked 8 Hours After Wipe.
    • Unlimited Uses
      • 8 Hour Cooldowns
  • Loadout Kit 3
  • Unlocked 10 Hours After Wipe.
    • Unlimited Uses
      • 12 Hour Cooldowns

Updated Plugins

  • Automatic Authorization v1.2.2
  • AutomatedEvents v1.0.6
  • Auto Turret Auth v1.2.1
  • Craft Car Chassis v1.2.0
  • Compound Options v1.1.7
  • Custom Auto Kits v1.2.5
  • Discord Core v0.16.6
  • Discord Core Roles v1.2.7
  • Extended Recycler v1.1.0
  • Food Grill v1.0.5
  • GUIShop v1.7.0
  • Human NPC v0.3.47
  • Loot Bouncer v1.0.6
  • NoEscape v2.1.31
  • Map Note Teleport v2.1.1
  • NTeleportation v1.4.2
  • Raidable Bases v1.5.0
  • Remover Tool v4.3.22
  • Rust Map API v1.3.0
  • Stack Size Controller v2.0.4
  • Vanish v1.3.8
  • Vehicle Licence v1.7.8
  • ZombieHorde v0.2.14

Added Plugins

  • Better Turret Aim v1.0.0 – Improves the speed at which auto turrets aim at their current target.
  • BloodBags v1.7.0 – Recover health on use with blood bags.
  • Botspawn v2.1.1 – BotSpawn spawns a set number of Rust AI bots at chosen monuments.
  • Bradley Guards v1.3.2 – Calls reinforcements when bradley is destroyed at launch site.
  • Build Revert v1.1.2 – Prevents building in blocked areas.
  • Buoyant Supply Drops v1.0.2 – Makes all supply drops buoyant and lootable in water.
  • CarLockUI v1.0.1 – Adds a UI to deploy code locks to modular cars.
  • Crater Note v1.0.0 – Returns the analysis of the wells in a note, like before.
  • HeliVote v0.1.32 – Allows players to open a vote to call helicopters.
  • Holiday Loot v1.1.0 – Modify the loot tables for the Christmas Presents, Halloween Bags and Easter Eggs
  • Lockable Shutters v1.1.1 – Allows players to place a lock on shutters.
  • Modular Car Turrets v1.0.1 – Allows players to deploy auto turrets onto modular cars.
  • Skills – adds a system of 11 different skills
  • Skull Crusher v1.1.0 – Adds some extra features to the crushing of human skulls.
  • Vehicle Deployed Locks v0.5.1 – Allows players to deploy code locks and key locks to vehicles.
  • WipeInfoApi v1.1.0 – API for calculating time between server wipes.
  • Wipe Kits v1.2.51 – Puts a configurable cooldown from the wipe on each kit based on kit name
  • WoundedScreams v2.2.3 – Restores the screams when a player gets wounded.
  • MagicPanel v1.0.6 – Modular panel and API for displaying information to the players on their HUD.
    • MagicAirdropPanel v1.0.1 – Displays if the airdrop event is active.
    • MagicAirStrikePanel v1.0.3 – Displays when the air strike event is active in Magic Panel.
    • MagicBradleyPanel v1.0.1 – Displays when the Bradley event is active in Magic Panel.
    • MagicCargoShipPanel v1.0.1 – Displays when the cargo ship event is active in Magic Panel.
    • MagicCh47Panel v1.0.1 – Displays when the CH47 event is active in Magic Panel.
    • MagicClockPanel v1.0.1 – Displays the in-game time in Magic Panel.
    • MagicDirectionPanel v1.0.1 – Displays players direction in Magic Panel.
    • MagicEasterPanel v1.0.1 – Displays when the easter event is active in Magic Panel.
    • MagicEconomicsPanel v1.0.4 – Displays player economics data in Magic Panel.
    • MagicGridPanel v1.0.5 – Displays players grid position in Magic Panel.
    • MagicHalloweenPanel v1.0.1 – Displays when the Halloween event is active in Magic Panel.
    • MagicHostilePanel v1.0.9 – Displays how much longer a player is considered hostile.
    • MagicHeliPanel v1.0.2 – Displays when the patrol helicopter event is active in Magic Panel.
    • MagicLastWipePanel v1.0.1 – Displays the date the server last wiped in Magic Panel.
    • MagicMessagePanel v1.2.0 – Displays custom messages in Magic Panel.
    • MagicParatroopersPanel v.1.0.0 – Displays if the paratroopers event is active.
    • MagicPlayerPanel v1.0.2 – Displays connected players in Magic Panel.
    • MagicRadiationPanel v1.0.1 – Displays if a player is in a radiation zone in Magic Panel.
    • MagicRainOfFirePanel v1.0.1 – Displays when the rain of fire event is active in Magic Panel.
    • MagicSantaPanel v1.0.1 – Displays when the Santa event is active in Magic Panel.
    • MagicServerRewardsPanel v1.0.4 – Displays player server rewards data in Magic Panel.
    • MagicSleepersPanel v1.0.2 – Displays the sleeping player count in Magic Panel.
    • MagicWipePanel v1.0.5 – Displays days till server wipe in Magic Panel.

Updates, Changes and New Features

  • Alpha Loot
    • Implemented Second Edition of New Loot Tables.(Still Not Finished)
  • Discord Auth
    • Another Attempted Fix for the Discord to Rust Linking.
  • Enhanced Hammer
    • Increased Upgrade/Downgrade Distance.
    • Disabled AutoGrade being Enabled by Default.
  • Gather Manager
    • Increased Base Starting Rates to 2X. (Subject to Change)
    • Increased Time to finish from to 5 minutes.
    • Excavator Resource Rate was Slightly Increased from 3X to 3.5X
  • Magic Economics Panel
    • New icon.
  • Magic Server Rewards Panel
    • New Icon.
  • Raidable Bases
    • Added 2 more Tiers of NPC Bases.
      • Elite
      • Nightmare
    • Enabled Players Picking Up Deployables.
    • Added Cooldown Timers Between NPC Base Raids
      • Easy 10 Minute Cooldown
      • Medium15 Minute Cooldown
      • Hard 20 Minute Cooldown
      • Expert 25 Minute Cooldown
      • Nightmare 30 Minute Cooldown
    • Increased Extra Distance Raid Bases will Spawn From monuments.
    • Increased Player TC Detection Radius.
    • Increased Distance Between Raid Base Spawns.
    • Increased More Scheduled Base Spawns.
    • Increased Max Spawnable Elevation Level.
    • Increased Amount of NPC’s at All Raid Bases.
    • Increased NPC Respawn Time.
    • Tweaked Economy and RP Rewards for Each Raidable Base Tier.
    • Changed Default Turret Weapons for each Raidable Base Tier.
    • Increased SAM Site Repair time from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.
    • Increased Ammo in all Traps.
  • Raid Limit
    • Increased Maximum Raid Limit from 1 to 3.
    • Disabled Midnight Resetting Raid Counters.
    • Raid Cooldown Timer was Changed from 12 Hours to 24 hours.
    • Changed Timer Hours from Non-AFK Playtime to Real Time.
  • Rustcord
    • Added to Replace Discord Plugins.
  • Security Lights
    • Increased Detection and Tracking Range Significantly.
  • Server Rewards
    • Changed Certain Items from Blueprints to Items.
    • Added New Items:
      • Fireworks
      • Test Generator
      • Electrical Components
      • Instruments
      • Varies Other Items
    • Increased Amounts for Signs.
    • Increased Amounts for Electrical Items
    • Added other various New Items.
    • Decreased Prices for Items:
      • A Barrel Costume
      • Armored Door
      • Armored Double Door
      • Assault Rifle
      • Barbed Wooden Barricade
      • Bed
      • Binoculars
      • Blue Keycard
      • Bolt Action Rifle
      • Bucket Helmet
      • Chainlink Fence
      • Chainlink Fence Gate
      • Chainsaw
      • Chippy Arcade Game
      • Coffin
      • Concrete Barricade
      • Crate Costume
      • Custom SMG
      • Diving Fins
      • Diving Mask
      • Diving Tank
      • Double Barrel Shotgun
      • Dragon Door Knocker
      • Flasher Light
      • Green Keycard
      • Hatchet
      • Hazmat Suit
      • Heavy Plate Jacket
      • Heavy Plate Pants
      • High External Wooden Gate
      • High Quality Horse Shoes
      • Holosight
      • Jackhammer
      • Large Planter Box
      • Large Wooden Sign
      • Locker
      • LR-300 Assault Rifle
      • Mining Quarry
      • Metal Barricade
      • Metal Window Bars
      • MP5A4
      • M249
      • One Sided Town Sign Post
      • Pickaxe
      • Prison Cell Gate
      • Prison Cell Wall
      • Pump Jack
      • Pump Shotgun
      • Python Revolver
      • Red Keycard
      • Reinforced Glass Window
      • RF Transmitter
      • Riot Helmet
      • Roadsign Horse Armor
      • Road Sign Jacket
      • Road Sign Kilt
      • Salvaged IcePick
      • Salvaged Axe
      • Semi-Automatic Pistol
      • Skull Door Knocker
      • Siren Light
      • Small Generator
      • Small Planter Box
      • Small Wooden Sign
      • Snow Jacket
      • Spas-12 Shotgun
      • Supply Signal
      • Thompson
      • Two Sided Hanging Sign
      • Two Sided Ornate Hanging Sign
      • Two Sided Town Sign Post
      • Watch Tower
      • Weapon Lasersight
      • Wind Turbine
      • Wooden Sign
  • Skills
    • Added Levels to all Skills.
    • Tweaked Prices of All Skills.
  • Skins
    • Added Rocket Launcher Skins
    • Added Other Various New Skins
  • Water Catcher Boost
    • Increased Minimum Boost for:
      • Small Water Catchers
      • Large Water Catchers
      • Water Pumps
  • Wipe Kits
    • Added Timers to Each Donator Kit on Wipe.
    • Each Kit for Each Donator Tier has the Same Cooldown.
    • Kit Cooldowns:
      • Build Kits12 Hours
      • Resource Kits12 Hours
      • Loadout Kit 16 Hours
      • Loadout Kit 28 Hours
      • Loadout Kit 310 Hours

Removed Plugins

  • RadTown Animals – Replaced with Botspawn.
  • Present Loot – Depreciated and Updated with Holiday Loot.
  • Info Panel – Replaced with Customizable Modular Plugin “Magic Panel”
  • Modular Car Code Locks – Plugin Depreciated and replaced with CarLockUI and Vehicle Deployed Locks.
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