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Welcome to The Trap Gaming Community.

The Trap Gaming Community is a group created by gamer’s for gamer’s.Welcome to the Trap Gaming Steam Group. Anyone is welcome to join our Community as long as you follow the rules and respect other members. Our community members play a wide variety of games, you can always usually find someone playing something you might have. Here you can find information about our events, our servers, patch notes and change logs, mod collections, Players of the Week and our Giveaways.

The Trap Gaming isn’t just a Steam Group or a Discord Channel.The Trap Gaming is a place you can meet new people, play games with friends, win free games, play on one of our Servers, Join us on one of our various events in all different games, or you can just hang out in our channel with us.

We have Random Steam Key Game Giveaways every 2-3 Weeks!

You need to be a member of the steam community and on the discord to enter the giveaways.

We Have a Rust Server

You can vote for our rust server once a day here. You get Ingame Rust Rewards for Voting.
Vote Here[rust-servers.net]

We Also have Special Giveaways for our Platinum Donators!
We have a Whitelisted Arma 3 Server and host events.We play with a bunch of mods to enhance realism and enjoyment.
The collections is updated every time we add or remove a mod, and before events we post which collection we will be using.

You can find the mod collections that we play with here: Trap Gaming Mod Collection

The Arma 3 Server is currently Whitelisted.
If you are interested in joining our Arma 3 server you can find out below.

How to apply for the Whitelist.

  1. First you have to be on our Steam group.
  2. Next you have to join our Discord.[discord.gg]
  3. Apply for the whitelist in our Discord.[discord.gg] in the Apply-for-Whitelist channel.


Trap Gaming Arma 3 Mod Collections

Rust Server

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