Patreon Changes and News

Donation News and Changes

Hey Everybody,
We are making a Transition from our 2 Tier Donation System, to a 5 Tier’d Donation System. We have a lot of new things planned and big changes coming to the Current and New Donation Tiers. We are adding our new Merchandise into the new Patreon roles. The Rust Rewards will be getting adjusted for the new Tiers. Don’t worry, anything that’s gets removed or moved to another tier will be replaced with something else in the future.

New Donation Tiers:


The New Tiers are Currently a Work In Progress and will be getting updated by the day.

Rust Rewards

The Rust Rewards are on a sliding scale depending on which Tier you have. For an example: The Bronze Tier Unlocks 5 Rows of Backpack Space but The Platinum Tier Unlocks 7 Rows of Backpack Space and doesn’t drop Backpack on Death. More is planned for the new Tiers.

NOTE: Nothing is Permanent. Any Changes, Additions, and/or Removals can be removed after with no notice. Everything is Subject to Change.

Thanks everyone for your support We wouldn’t have made it this far without you guys.

Stay Tuned for more information on what is being added and what gets adjusted in the up incoming Server Patch Notes.

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